Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Build your social network empire

I recently came across the site and found a whole new level of fun with social networking.  This site allows you to play the social stock market.  You link several of your social networks together and the site creates a stock value for yourself that increases the more connected and active you are across key sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin and also blogs.  You can see who some of the most active people are and invest money (not real) in different social net-workers.  This site is very interesting and fun to see how your stock is doing and to learn about others that are part of the social network scene.
When you do sign up invest a little in stock symbol SHEP.

Thanks and watch for more as we continue to understand this ever changing world of social media.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Social Media

We have all heard that social media is the new web.  It is the way we connect and the way we do business.  I'm sure most of us have multiple accounts just to have them.  I personally have a Facebook page with two business sites, 3 twitter accounts, 7 blogs registered under me, and a linkedin account to name the ones I might use.  But what are some ways to really grow your business via social media?  I am going to over the next two weeks share what I am learning as I delve deeper into this topic and see what I can learn.  So come along for the ride it should be fun.