Monday, February 21, 2011

The brand

We hear so much about branding and creating a great brand (McDonalds) or a "hot" brand (Apple).  But why is this so important and why is it so hard to do?  To be synonymous with any industry or concept it requires a deep understanding of your consumer base and constant emphasis on excellence.  While it takes a lot of work to create a brand it takes almost no time to tear it down.  I remember a commercial yesterday for actually I don't know what it was really for but it had a gerbil in it.  The problem is without market research companies put what they thinks works into the brand but the average consumer doesn't get it.  I loved a part of the show 30 rock when a couple characters were debating about who is the Geico spokesmen, A clump f Money, a Gecko or a caveman. While I thought personally the caveman was pretty bad the one good point was the catch was always the same.  "15 minutes could save you 15%".  This is something that resonates with the consumer. 

So please for all our sanity do some research and seek to promote one single brand.

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