Saturday, May 21, 2011

Interesting sites.

I wanted to share some of the sites I use and follow for your use. My first site is one I recently came across that allows you to create free flash-based websites and it looks pretty awesome. gives pre-made flash sites  where you change the content and the pictures. They even do Facebook pages as well.

I will also bring up Empire Avenue again because it really is a lot of fun and a great way to connect with serious social networkers.

For those few who have not used Linkedin, it is an amazing site to connect and to keep up with your chosen field. You can join groups and connect with others in your business field and it is the social networking site for professionals.

Also, a great resource is Seomoz website and blog. They are the leader in search engine optimization and what is going on in that part of the industry.

I also wanted to list a couple of the marketing blogs I follow and invite you to comment and tell me what blogs and sites you follow.

The Marketing Pilgrim-Started by Andy Beal, a top social network marketer for fortune 500 companies
Forrester Research blog- The top market research firm in the country
Chris Brogan's blog - An independent consultant
Scot Monty's blog- Head of social media for Ford
Content to Commerce blog- The blog for Big Fuel, a leading company in social media
Social Media Pathways- A social media company

I hope you find some of these sites interesting, and please don't forget to share some of your own.

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