Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tips for intergrating between platforms and search.

The following are a combination of my ideas as well as those of Hub Spot and Jeff Bullas. I recommend checking out their blogs too. When you are looking to get the most out of all your social media it is important to sync up your information. The concept of branding is universal and one of the biggest parts of marketing. Companies pay millions and even billions to protect and promote a brand. Many brands are household names and have become so because of years of careful marketing and planning. McDonalds and Walmart are two of every marketer's favorite examples. When you hear the name McDonalds you think of several things: cheap, fast, kids, fun, and I'm sure a few others. When you think of Walmart you think of low prices. These two companies have built this reputation and live and breathe these ideas.
This relates to you because you need to have an idea of what type of brand you want to achieve for yourself or your company.
I will be discussing your blog, Facebook and some video ideas to build a brand and grow your brand.

Your Blog:
  1. The number one rule is great content. In anything you do make sure you provide great content that is relevant and compelling. People like lists because they are scan-able and easy to follow. 
  2. Part of this idea of content is a great headline that people on Twitter and Facebook would be willing to click on.
  3. Have a re-tweet button and a Facebook share button on your blog. Mine should be above the article and at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to tweet and share my page on Facebook.  
    1. I also recommend adding a Digg button and maybe a few more depending on which sites you monitor.
    2.  Linkedin groups are also a great way to share blog content. 
  4. Have an RSS feeder capability on your blog.  People use many different readers to keep track of blogs. (I prefer Google reader).
Your Facebook Page:
  1. Run a poll on your page. Facebook has great features you can use and share. I love polls because people like to express their opinion and you can capture that opinion.
  2. You can also run contests and sweepstakes. This is powerful because you can capture an e-mail address and other contact information.
  3. Link your page to Twitter so every post goes out to your Twitter account.
Your Twitter Account:
  1. Use different tools to capture information, organize accounts and search.
    1. Tweepi- Combines and manages your accounts so you know who is inactive, who is super active, and link to people's blogs.
    2. Twellow - Searches through people on Twitter. It is like the Yellow Pages for Twitter.
    3. Tweetdeck - Allows you to post tweets at different times and is just an amazing all-around tool that is simple to use. It was also just acquired by Twitter so you know it is powerful.  
    4. Hootsuite - Is the last I will mention. It allows you to monitor all your social media from one place and to put out information across your network quickly. 
  2. A huge part of Twitter is to become active within your niche. Learn who the experts are and follow them. Try and contact them. Build your network within your niche. While I agree it looks cool to follow 100,000+ people, are you really reading anything worthwhile? Build a strong network in your industry, not just to get a million followers. 

For some great advice on making viral videos check out Lilach Bullock's blog post .

Thank you and good luck going social. Feel free to connect with me.

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